We formed our Collision Team on 28th December 2014 to assist the Turkish Shipowners of the “GOKBEL”, a cargo ship hit and sank (off Ravenna break waters) by the “LADY AZIZA”.

Due to the collision, six crewmembers of the “GOKBEL” died into the gelid waters of the sea, without any kind of assistance on part the crew of the “LADY AZIZA”.

The five survivors crewmen of the Turkish vessel were rescued by Ravenna Pilots and Mooring Men.

Our Collision Team, composed of admiralty lawyers, criminal lawyers, collision experts and surveyors, is able to cope with all the issues that an accident of such gravity may imply, providing the Shipowners with technical advices on investigations, inspections on board and salvage operations and taking all the necessary steps to protect their interests, including possible criminal/civil proceedings and maritime inquiries.

Our Collision team may attend anywhere - even at sea - and not only in Italy, being equipped by a Satellite Inmarsat phone 00 870776426860.

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